NEW Platform width to 300cm!

New Platform width of 280, 290 and 300 cm available for Parklift 405 single units with 2,6t!

The Parklift 405 replaces its predecessor Parklift 402. The advantages of the new development are in the reduced assembly dimensions with unchanged vehicle dimensions.

The Parklift 405 enters the market with the same innovations as the Parklift 450 and also has a further advantage. With even lower ceiling height, the same sized vehicles can be parked as in the Parklift 450, while the lower parking space is inclined. This is a response to growing car dimensions and shrinking space size. The lower platform is accessible with a gradient of 14 %. The upper platform has a minimum inclination of 2 %, which helps with drainage of the upper parking space. The single system is for 2 cars, the double system for 4 cars.


  • Mechanical car park system
  • Ceiling height reduced by 5 cm
  • Pit depths and platform distances in increments of 5 cm
  • Possible vehicle heights from 150-220 cm
  • Platform width of up to 300 cm possible for the single systems with 2,6t
  • Platform width up to 270 cm for single systems
  • Platform width up to 540 cm for double systems
  • 2,000 kg and 2,600 kg platform load
  • CLASSIC PROFILE made of trapezoidal sheet metal, higher-quality versions (SMART PROFILE 2.0) are available
  • 1 driving lane = 2 parking levels = cost savings
  • Independent parking
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High operational and functional safety (German TÜV tested, CE compliant)

Product variants

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