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Haifa / Haifa, Israel / Combilift 543

High-quality parking spaces for 148 cars in total are created by the Combilifts and parking lifts by WÖHR, specialist in parking solutions, for an upmarket residential project in the Israeli port metropolis Haifa.

With its many bends, Habiba Reich Road in the south of Haifa winds its way through densely built-up residential areas up to two long blocks of new buildings. Here, at the slope between rocks and dense tree growth, in two ten-storey long buildings upmarket living space has been created for the residents of the vibrant university city. Because the dense development of the exclusive neighbourhood and the highly profiled terrain allowed only a few parking spaces around the building, the underground car park in the basement was optimised for maximum space utilisation. This was made possible with “German Engineering” by WÖHR, the specialist in parking space consolidation from Friolzheim.


Three-storey parking on only one parking level

In order to make optimum use of the parking level in the basement, which is partly underground, the planners opted for a combination of mechanical WÖHR Parklifts and semi-automatic WÖHR Combilift modules. Thus a total of 148 parking spaces could be created below the buildings. Seven WÖHR Combilifts 543 in various module ratchet mechanisms are facilitating parking on three levels. In those spaces where the room geometry did not enable the use of Combilifts, mechanical WÖHR parking lifts, models, 405 and 450, were installed with two parking levels in each case. Here, single and double systems with platform widths of 270 to 570 cm were used. “With this object, the high planning flexibility with the dimensions of the WÖHR parking lifts paid off”, WÖHR’s Head of Marketing Ferhan Niepelt is pleased to say.



Simple parking and convenient operation

With the Combilifts, the vehicles are transferred at ground level on the middle of the three parking levels. After the user activates the parking process, the automatic manoeuvring system moves the vehicle either horizontally to a vacant space, or it transports it to the parking level above or the level hidden underground. During the manoeuvring, the cars are safely shielded behind gates, which can only be opened again after the operation of moving the car has been completed. The Combilifts are conveniently operated via remote control, chip, or via smartphone app. The mechanical parking lifts are lifting devices with platforms for one or two vehicles each, where the user can head for the desired parking space himself or herself. A key is used for the lifting and lowering.


Product specifications:

  • 7x Combilift 543 2.0
  • 1x Parklift 450 D 2.0
  • 1x Parklift 450 E 2.0
  • 13x Parklift 405 E 2.0
  • 6x Parklift 405 D 2.0
  • A total of 148 parking spaces
  • Platform widths for single systems up to 270 cm
  • Platform widths for double systems up to 540 cm
  • Vehicle weight max. 2.0 t

Technical informations

Product informations