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Danklstraße / Munich, Germany / Levelparker 590

Fully automatic parking system for 36 vehicles: The residents of the new building in Danklstraße, Munich park in the Levelparker 590 system.

A new 5-storey apartment building has been built on the site of the former "Sendlinger Lichtspielhaus" cinema and boasts a huge parking capacity in the vibrant district of Munich-Sendling.

The installed Levelparker 590 offers residents 36 parking spaces on 3 underground parking levels. The total parking area of approx. 213 m² is thus optimally used, so that only approx. 5.90 m² are required per parking space.

The Levelparker is operated with an RFID chip with which the user can start the parking process. After parking their own vehicle and leaving the transfer cabin, the user scans their chip at the control panel.

The gate then closes and the user is free to leave the system. While the resident walks to his or her flat, the car is transported fully automatically to a free parking space. Special feature: The car is turned 180 degrees in the system and parked in the direction of exit. As soon as the user now requests the car for the exit parking process, the car is already provided in the correct direction, thus enabling a convenient exit.



  • WÖHR Levelparker 590
  • 3 underground parking levels
  • Operation via RFID chip
  • Vehicle length max. 5.25 m
  • Vehicle height max. 2.00 m
  • Vehicle width max. 2.20 m
  • Platform load max. 2,500 kg
  • Total parking area approx. 213 m²
  • Area per parking space approx. 5.9 m²
  • Rotation device on the lowest parking level for 180° rotation of the car in exit direction

Project plans