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Complete Parking Solutions | ELMAS


Car lift platforms

Discover the new range of Elmas car lift platforms... [details]

The city of the future

The trend for living in cities continues unchecked - more than half the world population worldwide ... [details]

WÖHR Bikesafe

The rapid way to park your bike automatically which is both safe and space-saving ... [details]

Parksafe 583



Up to 200% more parking spaces with 1, 2 or 3 parking levels and cost savings. Independent parking ... [details]


Compact parking on 2 to 3 levels with just one driving lane = upt to 200 % more parking space ... [details]


Automatic parking system for 10 to over 100 cars similar to a high rack also suitable for public use ... [details]


Automatic parking sytem for 10-80 cars in up to 30 levels above each other ... [details]


Safe for user and cars, no driving on narrow ramps and walking on dark stairs, no danger of damage, theft or vandalism ... [details]

Car Display Tower

The Wöhr car display tower is a pioneering solution for car dealers to store and present cars. ... [details]

Car Lifts

Connecting parking levels and street without ramps. It is used wherever a ramp is not suitable to reach the parking level. ... [details]

Parking Platforms

Independent parking with maximum use of driving lanes or space behind columns and in corners ... [details]

Bycicle Park Systems

Bicycle-friendly PARKING: The automatic bicycle parking Wöhr Cycle stores safe and quick up to 128 bicycles… [details]


With the innovative comb technology the Combiparker provides parking space on 8 above ground levels… [details]

Slimparker Crossparker

The Crossparker 558 gives the Slimparker 557 further width. The magical with an additional plus… [details]

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Wöhr 506 turntable

Discover the new 506 turntable, suitable for restricted parking spaces!

Direct Phones: 0268-308775, 0720-100111.

More details!

Placa turnanta Wöhr 506