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Complete Parking Solutions | ELMAS

The city of the future - compact and convenient parking in the compact city of tomorrow

The trend for living in cities continues unchecked - more than half the world population worldwide now lives in cities. But there is less and less space, so the search is on for new solutions for urban living in the future which will provide an answer for the more compact living space in cities. Intelligent floor plans, modern construction technology, sustainable materials and innovative energy supplies are all important as are efficiently planned parking and mobility solutions. To meet these challenges, WÖHR has developed smart and convenient parking solutions for cars and bicycles, which need a minimum floor area and with particularly innovative technology are perfectly adapted for the urban challenges of the future. On the theme of "Future Cities", WÖHR will be displaying various concepts and projects to do with parking in the future at the BAU trade show in Munich in Hall B3, Stand 319.

"Compact parking is clearly a key component of compact cities" says Jens Niepelt, managing director of WÖHR Autoparksysteme GmbH. "More and more traffic in increasingly built-up city centres requires smart parking solutions which take into account the diminishing space." WÖHR parking systems get the maximum number of possible parking places out of the available surface area. By stacking, pushing and moving vehicles close together, one level can rapidly be rapidly converted into several levels in an individual and user-friendly manner.

Compact parking from Melbourne to Augsburg

Modern apartment blocks with outstanding architecture in megacities have found a way to keep parked cars out of view. In the 151 metre "Shadow Play" apartment block in Melbourne, for example, a fully automatic Multiparker 740 handles space-saving parking for 150 cars by stacking them side by side and on top of each other. In today's highest apartment block in Melbourne, the "Victoria One", the Multiparker 740 provides 163 parking spaces on 11 above-ground levels on only 450 sqm. Apartment blocks in Germany also demonstrate how parking systems can be harmoniously integrated into buildings. In a townhouse in Korntal near Stuttgart, the Parklift 462 D with four places on two underground levels is concealed underground. The underground parking places are only visible when arriving and departing and are accessed horizontally. The parking plates can be customised to suit customers' wishes and to harmonise with surroundings.
In the heart of Augsburg, residents of the recently built "Am Katzenstadl 10" apartments enjoy a WÖHR Multiparker 740 able to store 43 cars on two underground levels. They simply enter the transfer cabin instead of having to manoeuvre to drive out of an underground car park. The integrated swivel device makes it possible to drive away smoothly without having to turn.

Compact and smart parking solutions are particularly important in renovation projects for splendid buildings in famous old cities such as the Hague. A Parksafe 583 on 9 levels with 52 parking places has been built on the Kneuterdijk in the heart of the Hague. The special feature of this symbiosis of historic and modern architecture is the high tech tower parking.

  • Image 1: WÖHR Parksafe 583 in the Hague The transfer area is bright and friendly. As soon as you drive in, the dimensions of the car are measured.

  • Image 2: The three rows of parking pallets are arranged lengthwise on both sides of the vertical conveyor.

Flexible parking systems for urban living

Further successful examples of space-saving parking systems are the Combilift 551 and 552 semi-automated car parking systems which are able to store cars flexibly and conveniently under, over and next to each other. Cars are parked on top of each other on two levels, making it unnecessary to dig below ground. A smart combination of stacking and shifting makes it possible to access parking places from the entry level. A space is kept free on the entrance level. The empty space is used to move cars sideways into the spaces on the ground floor, to bring a parking place from the first floor down to the entry level or to drive through to the system behind it, so the selected parking space can be conveniently accessed at any time.

  • Image 3: A control panel, remote control or the WÖHR smart parking app can be used even for parking arrangements with numerous rows. Combilift 552 can be driven through in order to access parking places behind.

  • Image 4: The WÖHR Combilift is a versatile parking system for office and apartment blocks and suitable for the numerous demands of modern urban parking.

Convenient stacking: WÖHR Combilift 551 and 552

The Combilift is available in various models and parking arrangements - a selection of parking widths, heights, and platform loads are possible. One can also combine long-term parking with visitor parking. The sliding gates are available in classic iron, durable aluminium or as an aluminium frame for customers to fill in as they wish. In addition, parking spaces can also be equipped with various platform profiles - galvanised trapezium, 46 mm anodysed extrusion moulding and, of course, just flat for maximum parking and walking comfort. Parking is user-friendly and can be operated by remote control, with the use of a RFID chip or directly from one's smartphone with the WÖHR parking app. Electrical battery charging facilities can be integrated into the parking space. The WÖHR universal stand is compatible with wall-mounted boxes from a number of suppliers.

  • Image 5 and 6: The WÖHR standard column mount for wall-mounted boxes is fixed to the side wall.

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