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Complete Parking Solutions | ELMAS

WÖHR Bikesafe

The rapid way to park your bike automatically which is both safe and space-saving

The number of bikes, e-bikes and electric bikes in German cities is going up and up. And they are set to play a key role in the way people get around the city in the future. So an important question for the compact city of tomorrow is how to park bikes in a way that is safe and space saving - and is both attractive and fits in harmoniously with public areas. The WÖHR Bikesafe is one answer to the problem of parking space in cities. The automatic bike parking system is proof that bikes can be stored safely, quickly and as compactly as possible.

WÖHR Bikesafe parks bikes automatically and takes up very little space. The standard operation is by a RFID Chip. For use in public areas there are also various operation and payment options. The Bikesafe is available in various models. There are tower, shaft and combined versions. It needs little space: up to 122 bikes can be parked in the tower model on around 38 m² and up to 128 bikes in the shaft version.

Variety in use and design

The Bikesafe is suitable for all standard bike models - up to a weight of 30 kg, a handlebar width of 76 cm and a height of 125 cm. In addition to a standard façade made of aluminium panels, WÖHR also offers a glass façade. Customized designs are also possible so that the Bikesafe suits the appearance of the city.
Examples for façade options installed by customer could be timber or weathered steel. Façades supporting advertising spaces, lighting and greenery are also possible. The maximum permissible weight of the façade is 50 kg.

  • Sample facade 1: Scope of delivery WÖHR combination of aluminium and glass

  • Sample facade 2: Glass and weathered steel installed by customer)

  • Sample facade 3: Glass and wooden slats installed by customer)

  • Sample design 4: timber and greenery (installed by customer)

Fast access: your bike is available in seconds

Fast access to your bike in city centres is crucial. Even at rush hour you won't have to wait in the dark or have difficulty identifying your own bike on overcrowded bike parks in front of the station, school or university. Because with WÖHR Bikesafe it takes only around 16 seconds to deliver your bike. "We have developed an extremely fast automatic parking system for bikes" explains Ferhan Çokgezen, Head of Sales for Bikesafe at WÖHR. "Therefore we only use one entrance area - two would have been also possible - because a central system technology handles both delivery and return. We bring your bike to you directly and achieve extremely fast access times. Everything is automatic, quick as lightning and safe."

  • Image 5: The grip technology transports the bike from the entrance area to the storage area.

  • Image 6: The WÖHR Bikesafe can hold up to 122 bikes on a surface area of around 38 m². The wheel rails on which the bikes are stored are arranged in a space-saving manner around a central vertical lift.

Bikes stacked compactly - well protected from harsh weather and risk of theft

Owners can rapidly transfer their bikes to the parking system in the entrance area. Bikes are rolled onto the support rail by the cyclist. Sensors then assess the weight of the bike and register the request to park. The sliding gate in the delivery area opens and the bike is pushed inside until it stops. The RFID chip confirms the storage process and the bike is automatically brought into the stacking system and allocated a space in the Bikesafe - well-protected from harmful weather and safe from unwelcome attention. "It works really smoothly", says Ferhan Çokgezen. "Our system is designed for longevity. There has been a Bikesafe undergoing long-term testing in the showroom at WÖHR since April 2016." Now after more than two million parking procedures simulating more than 20 years' activity, the Bikesafe is still working flawlessly.

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